Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The date

Well, I was so scared, that when we met at B&N, I was feeling a little pukey. Then he kindly bought me hot chocolate which I promptly spilled on the table and on his lap. He managed to stay through the whole date.

On the way out of the store, he asked me if I wanted to go out on Saturday. I said yes. He said he'd wear a raincoat and bring a mop.

I'm going to have a second date!!

At least Governor Spitzer could afford me...

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

eHarmony Chronicles

So, dating via eHarmony has jaded me a little about the prospects out there. I was talking with my very married friend Steve yesterday, describing my whole dating outlook, and he started laughing. I've known Steve for 20 years now, actually 23 years now. Ugh. Steve is one of those guys who doesn't have passion for his wife. She gets it. Steve saves his passion for his friends like me. No, it's not sexual passion, but it is love. Steve is just a human blanket. If you are hurting and call him up, he has this way of completely making you feel like you are totally worthy of breathing in about 5 minutes.

Anyway...I had one date with an eHarmony match a few weeks ago. It was laughable to say the least. He was an old 53, not a young 53, he still lived with mom, and he had not done much traveling at all.

Tomorrow night, it's a date with a local pharmacist at Barnes and Noble. I'm looking forward to this one, he sounds like he's got a good sense of humor, and he also has a little girl. I'm definitely not saying he's the one, I'm also not going to be jumping into anything. I am open minded and that's good.

More on eharmony. I've met a lot of men on eharmony who are most definitely africans trying to scam for money.

For example, you are matched up with someone who immediately confesses that they don't live in the states, they are living, or working in another country. The next step is an email requesting some money... they lost their wallet, they didn't bring enough money on their trip, they need money for their hotel bill. They don't ask for a huge amount of money, about 700 or 500 dollars. So I've sort of got the feeling as soon as I get a match that has bad english syntax, or writes something inappropriate in their questionaires that raises eyebrows.

Speaking of inappropriate confessions in the introductory profiles, what man says that he spends his free time "walking and reading romance novels"?

Yeah, it's not looking so good out there folks. It's ok though, I'll be your honest and fearless leader through the joys of dating. At 40. Oh. Boy.