Monday, March 16, 2009

A little Vent

Today was rather horrible at work. I spent the day fielding calls from justifiably angry customers.

My employer, a notorious insurance super giant that is hated across the world, has decided, in it's infinite wisdom to deny merit based pay raises ( not bonuses ) to it's employees that have shown that they are loyal to the company and work hard to give the customers a good experience. These are the same employees that are fielding calls from angry customers.

Several weeks ago, well before the news broke the story about the bonuses that were going to be paid, we were told that every employee that was scheduled for a bonus * in every department except for personal lines * was still going to get that bonus. Those who worked in personal lines got a hearty thank you and oh... remember those annual reviews that you sweat over so that you can make enough money to comfortably pay your rent? Yeah, you won't be getting those. We have to look good on the books because we want to be able to sell you! How about you get a nice thank you from us, and we'll be sure to continually act like we have no conscience and no understanding how the average american must feel, and make you take those phone calls. Oh, and go get 'em.

Once again my employer has made it so that I have to take angry calls from the average american. I not only have to let them abuse me on the phone, and believe me they do. The only ones that I can hang up on are the ones that use profanity. Otherwise I have to sit there and take it.

I could work doing phone sex and take less abuse for a lot more money.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wow, another post

Yesterday I went shopping with Naomi, and had such a fun time. I ended up buying some hot rollers at Wal Mart, and now I feel like I can finally do the fantastic styles that David, my miracle worker, does on me every 6 weeks.

6 weeks?!? Yes, I admit that I get my hair done that frequently. If I don't... well, lets just say, I end up with a Cruella deVille streak of grey down the center of my hair. I keep thinking that I should embrace the grey, my grandmother had beautiful white hair, but I tend to dwell on the word 'grandmother' in that sentence. Nope, not quite ready for that one yet.

I do realize that I could do this myself, but I have become an adult with allergies, and I am allergic to so many hair dyes. Yes, it sucks. Of course, the sheets of dead skin that flake off my scalp after using certain hair dyes suck even more.

Work has been very odd lately. We've been busier than usual, and that's good for the company. Our parent company is spinning us off into a new company that doesn't have their name on it at all. We've already changed our name to a different one that people don't associate with the evil parent company, and now to actually go into a different company entirely... that's pretty good.

Yesterday I went shopping with my oldest child. It was actually quite fun. I was able to pick up the things that I was looking for, except for a knife sharpener.
Then, she took me to Old Navy. I'm not what I consider an Old Navy girl, but they have a ton of cute skirts there! It didn't hurt that I had a 30% off coupon from her. I guess having a Gap Girl for a daughter does have its benefits! The confession that I have right now, is that I'm going to go back. After I left, I kept thinking about a couple of the tops I looked at but didn't try on, and I really think that I'd like to take a second look at them.

Hmmm... what else to update... OH yes, I got a promotion! It should show up in this next paycheck, too. I'm very excited about that one. I have no idea what the difference in the pay is going to be because apparently only one week of the payraise will show, and I will have to figure it out once I take a look at the pay stub. I'm also moving through certifications. I'm working on Underwriting Guidelines now, next will be specialty states and then one more level along with licensing. I am very excited to be progressing, even though the company is a bit shaky, progressing through these levels is going to look a lot better on my resume, but really I cannot see myself as working in the area of the company I'm in now for long... I really want to get into quality or underwriting.

I guess that's it! I'm going to take the Red Rocket to a tire place and see if they can patch the slow leak I've got going on and then go back to Old Navy and see if they have that cute top in my size!