Sunday, March 10, 2013

Things that I'm loving lots lately.

Live from Daryl's House This has just been my secret guilty pleasure. I am so glad that I came across this site. Not that I am wanting to be a stalker. At least not an illegal stalker, but man, I just want to hang out and listen. My ears are so happy every time I pick an episode to listen to. Definitely check out Mutlu and Chuck Prophet if you've not spent some listening time with these guys before. Mutlu worked with a favorite of mine... Amos Lee. Chuck Prophet...well, he had me at I Bow Down And Pray To Every Woman I See. Give him a listen. He's got some good political stuff. He's had his ups and downs personal wise, but he's cleaned up for the last ten years, and he makes my ears very very happy.

 That sure made me sound like a total fangirl,didn't it? Oh well. I prolly am. It's funny, but as I age I have definitely found that my musical taste is both diverse and loyal.

What else am I loving? Scraphappy. A fantastic group of supportive and creative people led by Lain Ehmann. It is the perfect mix of what I think that I need in a community of scrapbookers. It makes me happy to Scraphappy.

 I'm also loving on my doggie lately. The winter cold was rough on me. I still lost weight, but now that spring seems to be rearing it's gorgeous head, I am everso glad to be able to take Fenway the wonder dog out for walks. Our walk has now bumped up to about 2.5 miles. The nerve that runs down the back of my right thigh isn't my friend, but by the time it starts to speak up, Fenway has been slowing down enough for me to walk at a comfortable pace.

 I've taken a break over the last week with scrapping. I haven't really missed it all that much. I think that I'm still a bit 'cooked' from doing Layout a Day in February, but tomorrow I'll be spending my afternoon with some good friends, and after that much welcome respite from my usual day I usually come home and feel my creative mojo resurfacing.

 I've been working on more *.studio files. I usually work on them at night, because that's when my "I NEED THIS" kicks in. I should be posting more shortly. Take it easy. Enjoy your life a little more. Discover some new ear candy.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Katheryn,
For some reason I cannot leave a comment at Pinterest so I try it this way. I would like to thank you for the nice printables, tutorials and cutfiles for the Silhouette Cameo. Yesterday I've made a cutfile of the brown camera and it looks great! Thanks a lot, greetings, Crafty Charon, the Netherlands