Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I've been silent since I posted last. My life has been insane. Insane, but good.
I will start posting more.

I am still employed by AIG. Yes. That AIG. Please pray for me. In between worrying about my actually having a job, and the stresses of paying rent and buying food, I put up with customers calling me and yelling at me.

This week, take a deep breath of air, and reconsider who you are venting on. Really.
I'm *just* an insurance agent. I can only work within the parameters of my companies guidelines. I cannot make your rate go down. If you carry car insurance, I have one little suggestion for you... 100/300 BI. That's it. Check it out, you get a lot of coverage, and it's often a lot less than state minimums.


QueenTracy said...

aw! I bet this is a tough time for you! Hang in there!

Sarah C. said...

Glad to see you back to blogging. I didn't realize that's where you worked. Huge ((HUGS)). I'm sure it's been beyond stressful. Sorry that people are taking it out their frustration on you.

Helena said...

Good luck!

binders said...

Good luck to you in this difficult environment. My dh works for a bank so we're feeling your pain.

For all the crappy phone calls you've had to put up with management could have at least had the decency to include you in the spa junket. Pfftt! Sorry you are taking the brunt of people's frustrations with the big wigs. That sucks.

FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh goodness.. you poor gal!!!
Glad you're back to posting!! missed ya!!