Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, I don't get that last post. I seem to be internet illiterate. I was attempting to post a video from YouTube for Nicole C Mullen singing "My Redeemer Lives". I love that song.

Work... so nuts, so horrible, but I guess that just as kidnapped people eventually begin to like their captors, I am beginning to like my job a little more. We are being forced to change shifts. With a promise that we would have known 'next week Tuesday' what our new shifts would be. Well, 'next week Tuesday' has come and gone. I try to just roll along, but it's getting to be a bit ridiculous. I feel very confident that I am doing my job well, and it is certainly not what I'd call an easy job. I am learning that I can control the dealings with customers, all that is needed is patience.

They (the uppers at work) have been telling us that they want us to be safe. Since the gunman went after the people at the American Civic Association a couple weeks ago, there had been postings on blogs how he should have gone after AIG, and he would have done a service to the country. It really is terrible, and now we sit in our cube lines with the curtains drawn, and feeling like we are in a dark hole. On top of that, they finally scraped the AIG off the door, and hung a fabric banner with our new name over the old AIG lighted sign. It doesn't matter that you can still see the old AIG sign around the fabric banner or anything like that. It's the very definition of the word amateur.

So we are all sending out resumes. More than a dozen are leaving in less than a week, and it just gets more and more weird there.

Well, off to do my hair and put on the old war paint. I need to get going a little earlier, I have to stop at Walgreens and get some Mucinex. I am suffering from allergies, my nose isn't the issue, my chest is full and rattling. I sound like a man. Joy, eh?


Sarah C. said...

I hate you have to put up with that mess. Prayers that a new path will be clear to you soon. ((HUGS)) And hope those allergies have cleared up by now.

Anonymous said...

hi..dont worry. things will be fine. and you will be happier with that big smile on your face :)..Cheers. (By the way, i dont see any alergy now).