Monday, September 10, 2007

Whoa...I have a blog!

So, last night the man and I had a big talk. It was totally different from the way things were in the past when I was married to the ex. We actually talked and were able to express how we felt. It was good, painful, but good.

I definitely feel like I have some areas to improve. I have to REALLY work on housekeeping. I'm a bad, bad housekeeper. I have this thing about keeping paper. I don't throw it out, I just put it in a pile. I don't obsessively hoard it, I just keep it till I can't take it and throw it out. So, today, we ( yes, the royal we) start throwing out the paper.

I'm also only printing recipes in the size to go onto a card. That way I can try the recipe. If we like it I will put it on the card and then it goes into the file.

Today is day 5 of working out at the gym. I'm impressed. I went longer and harder on the treadmill, AND I worked out with loose weights at the same time. When the machine would lower the resistance, I picked up the weights and lifted them over my head and did various curls. Then after I got off the machine I worked my abs. Tomorrow I will do the treadmill and the leg machines. Wednesday I will do the same that I do today. My goal is to feel good. I want to look in the mirror and feel good with what I'm seeing.

So, off I go to more work on this floor. Tomorrow I get to deal with the people who built our pot rack. Our faulty pot rack. I won't go off on that rant. I really wont. Ugh.

Things are much happier here. That's good. The oldest kid is living here and going to school. It's a little stressful, but it's ok too. There are moments that I want to do anything but parent her when she's being a pain, but it's gotta get done. It doesn't get easier. No matter what anyone says.

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Rosie said...

The gym is the best--when you go! I HAVE to keep going more regularly. I have regained all of the weight that I lost.

Good luck--thanks for checking out my blog!

Update yours more often!