Friday, January 11, 2008

It's crude and ugly, but it's my space

I've finally started to make space for my scrapping stuff. I'm not totally in love with everything about it, but it works so far. We have an unfinished basement, and that's where I scrap. The floor is cement, and it's COLD. I have one of those oil filled electric heaters that I push under the edge of the table that I sit at and it warms the area I'm in.

I just recently went to Target and purchased 3 sets of the 6 cube wire packages. It's a good idea but they aren't perfect by any means. They often come apart. For my situation that's not a bad idea, but when the basement is finally finished and I get settled into a finished space, I want to find a way to put them together in a little more stable way. I also need to pick up a few more Cropper Hopper 12x12 holders. I have a lot of paper still on the horizontal and they get all dog eared on the horizontal from me.

OH...Target does have a paper cart thing that is made with the wire, and I hated it. It was not easy to use, and the wheels really didn't work well. I'm moving to all vertical paper storage now.

I have been told that zip ties can add more shelves to the cubes, but I think that for what I use them for they are good, and I don't want to put too much weight on these. I keep my cuttlebug, my quick kutz, and my wishblade on the shelves. I also have plastic filing chests that I got from Staples when they put them on sale ( the 6 drawer chests...). I love those things, and I'm looking forward to getting those organized even more.

So, that's my space in all of it's ugly glory! I didn't tell you all about the gigantic 54"television across from the table. We don't have cable in the basement yet, but I can watch chick flicks on the XBox while I play. It's a good place, and it's MINE! YAY!


Theresa said...

Looks pretty organized to me.

Nicole said...

Bless your heart. Been there, still there, wish I could say "done that" because then it would mean it was over. LOL

I'm SO sorry it gets so cold but I can relate. My stuff is all crammed in a corner in the basement. I just got permission to put a small folding space up in the living room. (I can hide it out of site when people visit).

It looks good for what you have to work with though. I can tell you really have worked on good organization. It looks great!

toners said...

Great organizing of your supplies! I can relate about the cold - my window is stuck open right now and it's 25 degrees out! I've been scrapping with a big robe on :)

jp said...

Looks like you have a great start on your space! You have spots for everything!

Linda said...

Love the organization. I used to be in the basement too. But then we moved and now I am in the corner of our dining room.

Rachael said...

Great organization!!! What a great space!

Aimeslee said...

Well, join the club. Those perfect scrap rooms (oh, excuse me, STOOO-dios) are just in our futures, that's all, AFTER we write our book and have someone else create it as we say. Sounds good, huh? ROFL

I just looked at my wire cubes. I put those endcaps on perpendicular to how they say to, and I used thin plastic-coated but very strong beading wire from Hobby Lobby / Wiremart -- oops! LOL

I luckily have my mom's Lane Hope Chest, and that is where I keep my paper, in the Cropper Hopper holders. But that was the 4th place. I'm one of those who have to move crap around 45 times before I find a keeper, but it's ingenious by that time! LOL

Sarah C. said...

Looks so organized and spacious! I want to come play. :)

Linda Woods said...

I agree with you on those cubes from Target. I hoped they'd be sturdier.
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