Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lost Seasons 1-3

For those of you who have never seen an episode of Lost and are wondering about it. You can go to ABC.com and watch seasons 1-3 in HD. Make sure you have a good video processor on your computer though!


Sarah C. said...

DH & I tried to watch when Season 1 was re-aired a couple summers ago. We just couldn't keep up. I think I maybe see 2 shows on a regular basis? (If by regular that means via TiVo w/in 2 months of the original airdate! LOL) However, if this writers' strike continues, I might go rent it and try again.

BTW, love the new color and your cool new title image. :)

Aimeslee said...

Like Sarah, I couldn't stay into it. Now, Heroes is another story. I ate that up like candy, no problem. Weird, huh?

Hey girl, I tagged you. It's a fun one to do, too!