Friday, February 1, 2008

My heart is so full right now!

I was feeling really upset about the man, and decided that I was going to just explode.

Then I logged on and read your comments and found my little zen spot. I am better. LOTS better.

So, new things? I went to the Social Security office. I need to get more papers in order for the name change. Then I need to get more papers in order for my passport.

I've decided that I want to take a cruise. I'm going to save every penny I can from my paychecks and I'm going to take a fantastic vacation with my kiddoes. It's going to be a good thing if you ask me.

Today we had an ice storm in the morning that shut down the county. There was a 25 car pile up on I 81. Then at about noon we got rain. On the ice. Then tonight we got snow. Flakes the size of my fist! Weird weather. Tomorrow we're supposed to have warmer weather.

Because of the weather, they closed down the colleges, and Dan didn't go to work. I actually made him a nice warm breakfast. We finished at about 10:40. Then at 2pm he comes downstairs and starts moaning and groaning about how hungry he is, and how he wants to know if I'm going to do anything for lunch. Upstairs I go, I open the fridge, pull out a container of leftovers, dump them in a dish, microwave them, and plop it in front of him.

During all of this, I managed to get dinner in the crock pot. This is just crazy. I need to get a job!!!!! A good job would be lovely!


Darleen said...

I got a job, be careful what you wish for!! He!He!

jill said...

Wow you've been busy.

We didn't get the BIG ice/snow storm they were predicting.

Hmmm...still not sure if I want a job ;)

toners said...

Glad to see your blog friends were able to help :) Keep warm and hang in there! (((hugs)))

toners said...

I forgot to mention - you've been tagged over on my blog! Have fun! :)

Aimeslee said...

In your next romantic life, make sure the guy loves to cook AND grocery shop, LOL. So, hey, I hope you get a job at his college and date his boss. hehehe

FlipFlop Mom said...

still thinking of you!! Your post seems more uplifting!! YAY!!