Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hi. My name is Pharisee.

Today, as I was sitting in church and listening to the pastors sermon, I had a thought, "Gosh, I'm so glad that I'm not like those brides that didn't have enough oil for their lamps, and they missed the bridegroom."


Then my add brain went into full gear. I guess I am not like those brides. I'm worse. I am more like a Pharisee. "Oh LORD thank you that I am not like those brides that did not have enough oil." Perhaps I would have better luck tearing my garments and pouring ashes over my head for more drama, Lord knows that those Pharisees didn't thrive on drama at all.

Today God took the time to really love me. He gave me friends that truly lift my spirit, and a church family that truly loves me.

Lord, help me to be like the brides, the ones who were ready with their oil, and help me to remind those who walk this path with me to bring their oil. Lord, help me to share the source of the faith that lights my lamp so that others will find their lamps overflowing with that faith and they will share their faith too.

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Sarah C. said...

Katy, what a wonderful post! You are so blessed. Glad you found a wonderful church home & family. :)