Saturday, November 8, 2008

Whispered words

This post may be a bit "adult" ( imagine the word "adult" whispered loudly instead of actually being spoken).

When I was in 3rd grade I was at my friend Deena's house. Her father owned a clothing store and they were not just wealthy, but I think that they were one of maybe 4 families in Bismarck that were Jewish. Deena's mom frequently sprinkled yiddish in her daily conversation, and I loved being at their house. They truly loved me and I felt very safe. Anyway, Deena and I were swimming in their pool and were talking in the shallow end, and she leaned close and said,"Katy, there's a hole between our legs and it's called a 'vagina' " She stage whispered the word vagina so I knew it was a forbidden word, I just wasn't sure if it was a word my mother would understand or if it was a word that her mother said.

After telling Denny this story, it's become our habit to just stage whisper ordinary words to each other. Of course, this is something that truly cracks us up and leaves most people in the world a little confused. I think it's the simple little jokes that make a couple feel like they are connected.

So, as I said to Denny earlier. I'm going to change clothes because I need to get ready to go "meet" Naomi. Maybe I'll buy her a "drink" and we can spend some time together "chatting" tonight. Stage whispers. Making the mundane a little more interesting.

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