Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And she was Swingin'...just a swingin!

I'm posting an update. It's been just over a week and have fully been hit with the mood swings associated with a total thyroidectomy. I'm really hating these mood swings, like HATING the mood swings. It doesn't help that my monthly nemesis PMS has decided to show up for a visit. Oh yeah. Life is good in my household. LOL

When the Dr. opened me up and got to the tumor he found that it wasn't just the size expected but considerably bigger. He decided then and there to take the whole thyroid.

The pathology is not completely back yet. The Dr visit yesterday was frightening. He said that there were test results that had been sent out for a 2nd opinion. He did not discuss any of the returned results yet.

So, I'm scared. I have a friend who had her thyroid removed the day after mine. Her path results were back on last week Thursday. The Dr. didn't call today. He said he'd call when he got the results.

I go back to PT for the impinged shoulder/torn rotator cuff tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to that so much. I actually enjoy the movement, and the walk there feels good. I am gonna get this all fixed up!

I'm going to go take some meds, and then I'm going to set morning alarms so that I won't miss PT.

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Sarah C. said...

You are definitely going to get this all fixed and soon it will be just a memory! ((HUGS)) Hope PT goes well and praying you'll get those results soon.