Monday, November 1, 2010

Thyroid, Schmyroid

Almost 2 weeks ago I had a full body Catscan. Why would something like that have happened to a mild mannered insurance agent? It's because I'm a klutz, and slipped on wet blacktop in the parking lot at work. When My shoulder started to hurt, and I couldn't use it, I went to the ER at a local hospital. They got me in right away, I didn't even have to sit in the waiting room.

I laid there, throwing up from the pain for about an hour, and then the Dr came in and looked me over and then told me I'd have the pleasure of xrays. Apparently he twitched while putting them in the computer because the only thing that didn't get xrayed was my head. They came in and gave me two vicoden, and I proceeded to throw up from the Vicoden. Then they gave me something for the nausea. After tons of xrays and a Catscan he came back and told me that there were no breaks. BUT (I love the BUT) my thyroid had a calicification on it, and it has dropped beneath my sternum.

Fast Forward to followup visit a week ago. Dr is concerned, contacts endocrinologist, who says to get an ultrasound of it. So since that was a "regular" Dr visit I have to make another app't for the following day where the Dr. also assesses my sore shoulder. My shoulder is in spasm along with my back. More vicoden and this time Flexeril. I float and twitch in pain on and off for the next few days because I can't take it continuously as I have appointments and things that I need to drive for. Since I have a strong reaction to the Vicoden I have to be off it for at least 12 hours before I feel safe driving.

I had the ultrasound on Thursday, blood work two days prior to that ( thanks, I appreciated the pain of the tech digging around for my vein that rolled on her ).

Today, I find out that my thyroid has a 3.5 cm mass on it. They aren't even going to bother with a biopsy. Now the endocrinologist is not going to see me, I get to see a surgeon. Welcome to new meds too. Valium, cholesterol stuff, and blood sugar stuff. No more flexeril 'cuz of the Valium, apparently I can get a refill of Vicoden if I need to!

Meanwhile I'm off work, no paycheck off work. I won't get paid again for 30 days when they pay me for disability, and only a small portion.

My brakes are dying on my pos car. So, those of you who thought that I'd given up blogging, well, I'm baaack. I've gotta have a place to put all this stuff down.


Integrator said...

Even if the mass should be removed the biopsy is necessary for proper planning of the surgery (to remove one lobe or the whole thyroid!)
Also if this mass is cystic not solid it can be aspirated.

Katy said...

Thank you for your response. I would appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank you again!

Integrator said...

No problem;
Do you have a copy of thyroid ultrasound (not MRI) report?
If so, the description of the mass can be helpful to estimate what steps can be done next