Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh how easy it is...

I'm working on recouperating from this stupid shoulder injury.

I've been a good girl, taking my medicine and doing what I'm supposed to do for therapy exercises.

Today, I hoisted a laundry basket. I got scolded. Several times. By people I care about.

I'm sorry!

I'm now taking my clothes out of the laundry baskets a little bit by little bit.

I have to make my bed and shower. I shall sleep a sleep of the drugged.

I do want to say how much it would me me happy if I could sleep on my right side. 500 mg of Vicoden could make that happen, but it wouldn't help with the whole spasm thing.

OH. Walgreens has some sort of deal with buying a King size heating pad and some sort of ibuprophen or acetominophen product getting you some cash back to spend elsewhere... the king size heating pad is the way to go!

Two thumbs up on that one!


PK said...

Ohhhh... I have some advice! Don't do laundry or make the bed! I mean that's what I do and my shoulder's not even hurt.

Well think about it anyway!


Katy said...

PK, I LOVE your logic!