Monday, December 17, 2007

A few photos of my morning

I wanted to do a quick little photo blog of about a half hour of my morning today. It really made me laugh to think about how much of my mornings are the exact same from day to day.

So, here you go!

This is Molly. Molly is an 8 year old English Square head Labrador Retriever. She's "curvy", not fat. Molly is my little yellow shadow. EVERYWHERE I go, Molly goes. She gets annoyed if I don't take her in the car with me.

Molly loves to get her photo taken.

This Mike. Mike is in the natural habitat of the wild Labrador. He really loves to sleep on the sofa. He's over there snoring loudly as I type this. Mike is 11, his father was a very busy dog. Mike is also an English Square Head Labrador. Mike is also Molly's uncle.

The requisite photo of the trees from the deck. Only I just stuck the camera out the sliding door and pointed it at the trees and took the photo. I wasn't going out in THAT stuff.

The slider is open here, that's the snow that collected on the deck since Friday, when I shoveled the entire deck off and found a tarp to put over the deck furniture. Next year we are buying fitted covers for those guys.

The snowy neighborhood. The tree in the foreground is one of those lighted 4 foot trees that ACMoore had on sale a few weeks ago for $29.00 for a set of them. Also, note that the snow bank around my neighbors mailbox is threatening to cover the mailbox.

Molly loves snow. She really does. Mike is more of a water dog, but Molly loves herself some snow.

It doesn't look like much when they stay on the sidewalk. It just covers their feet. They don't go winkie on the sidewalk though. What they are doing is looking for an easy way to get to the bathroom...

Ahh yes, we found a way in. Yes, the snow is up to our tummies.

It's fun to make mom nervous. We like to go behind the house when we know she's only got her nightshirt on under her coat.

This is me, at 7:30 in the morning. I haven't even showered.

Mike loves to sniff. So he stuffs his face into the snow so he can smell things. I'm trying to lure him into the house with a dog cookie.



toners said...

Love these photos! What a great idea to document your morning :) Watching dogs in the snow is fun!

Sherry said...

Hey great post... your doggies are cute!!

Thanks for the post on my blog... I will add the recipe for Date Nut Balls on there later.

Pearl Maple said...

Lovely photos and funny stories about dogs always makes my day. Thanks for sharing a peek into your snowy day.

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Great photos. I live in Florida so Snow is totally foreign to me.

Sarah C. said...

Cute photos of Molly and Mike! Love your photo, Katy. You look so cute in your glasses. :)