Monday, December 31, 2007

The last day of 2007

Thank goodness the man is off to work. I'm feeling very irritated today.

I woke up, took the yellow dog out so she could do her morning business, and walked around, getting some very cool photos of the 6 inches of snow that we got last night.

Anyway, I fired up the snowblower (that right now, I hate using). I used it on roughly 90% of the stuff that needed to be blown, and then Dan comes out and does the last bit. THEN I come inside after shoveling the driveway (because the blower isn't working left a lot of snow behind) to find him sitting at the table, reading the paper and eating breakfast.

Did the dogs get fed?
His coffee cup was sitting in front of the coffee pot...
Was his sandwich made for lunch?

SO...I fill the water dishes, feed the dogs, pour his coffee and make his sandwich while cleaning up from dinner last night because Naomi didn't bother to finish her chore.

As he leaves he says "get a lot done around here today." It was all I could do not to scream at him. I said "I've already done a lot here today." He said, "So that's it for the day?" I just said that wasn't what I'd said. I don't feel like putting up with him right now. What a wonderful man, eh? My neighbors were all asking me where he was...I told them the truth, "In bed!". I am so freaking irritated right now. Grrrrr.

Anyway, today I'm going to "get a lot done" here today. Asshole.

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Colleen said...

Oh I can relate! I worked all day yesterday and came home toa house that as messier than when I left it! Dh then complains that the kids were driving him nuts! Are you serious! Men! Hope the rest of the day went better!

Happy New Year!