Friday, December 14, 2007

A photo update

The beauty of snow

The front of the house and walkway to the front door.
You can see my footprints in the snow where I ran to take the picture.

This is just after 3 hours of snowfall.

I thought this was pretty.

We still need to bring that furniture into the basement...OR find some covers.

I guess the horse is already out of the barn for this season, but it certainly was pretty yesterday.


jp said...

These are GREAT photos! I love how the snow left such a pretty design on the table. TFS! Janet

toners said...

Love these photos! Gorgeous!

Linda said...

Looks so pretty! I think the pattern on the table is pretty cool. Stay warm!

Candibee said...

That snow looks so pretty!!! And your house is gorgeous!!!

Jan said...

Beautiful!!! We've never had snow like that down here in the south. Send some down!! LOL!

Theresa said...

love the one from the table!

Sarah C. said...

Gorgeous photos! Enjoy the snow...all we have so far is some rain. Not quite as pretty. ;)