Thursday, December 6, 2007

So, at the end of the day, I am pleased to look back on my list. I did everything on it except do a load of laundry.
Not too bad.

I also made an excel spreadsheet of all of our spices in our lazy susan. I still have a couple cupboards to look into and log those spices. I think that I threw out about 20 bottles of old spices, or empty bottles of spices from combining partial bottles.

That feels good. I no longer have bottles stacked on bottles in that shelf. I am going to get some of those dot stickers so that I can see what's in the bottles by looking at the top of the container instead of pulling the bottle up and out to see what it is.

I think that we are total foodies. We have 84 bottles of spices in that one cabinet. It's totally off the hook!

And the list...mostly completed!
1. Shower! done

2. Feed dogs. done x2
3. Send in Penzeys order. done
4. Unload dishwasher. done
5. Plan out pages for the album that I'm giving to Lynn for Christmas. done
6. Wake up Naomi and have her do some chores...walk dogs, vacuum tv room and living room/dining room. done, done, done and then Danny and I walked dogs tonight.
7. Laundry. DOES IT EVER END? Gaah. I didn't even look at the laundry.
8.Lunch with Lynn. Done and it was wonderful.
9. Plan dinner tonight. ( I need to check out what I've got in the freezer first. If I can, I'm going to do a crock pot dinner so I can focus on scrapping.) We had pork chops and spanish rice.
10. Take Naomi to work and pick her up. Done.
11. Find ways to tolerate mr.grumpy pants when he gets home...he's fighting depression. done


toners said...

Nope. The laundry never ends. I can testify to that. :)

Great job on your list!!

Sarah C. said...

WTG on your list! 84 bottles of spices? Good gracious! ;) Sounds like you have them well organized now.