Thursday, December 13, 2007


The weather here has been wintry. The weather forecast for today had been "SNOW!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!" I laughed it off. Last night, ONE FLAKE floated down when I was out with Molly at 2:30am because she had a sudden craving to eat yellow snow. (That's another story)

So this morning. NO SNOW. I toss my head in disdain towards the weather forecasters. Dan and Naomi leave and head off to work and school. I go upstairs and get dressed to take the dogs for a walk. The snow starts to come down a little slow. It's just a dusting.

I bring them in, run across the street and clean up the gift Molly left for the neighbors in their pristine, white, snowy front yard, and grab the keys and go down the mountain towards town.

As I drive down the hill I'm really loving Dan's car. He took the Expedition into town, even though I scoffed at his optimism that we were going to have any kind of bad weather. By the time I got to the bottom of the hill the anti-lock brakes kicked in twice. I'm feeling a little nervous, and by now the snow is starting to stick.

I decide against running to the big grocery store and instead run to the high priced, small neighborhood grocery that has a great deli and always has fun things in their pre-made food case. ANYWAY, I go in, get some deli ham, and a frozen french bread pizza ( yes, I like those, but have to eat them only for lunch because they give me bad heart burn). I also grab some sour cream and cream cheese (if it turns into a real storm, we'll need that fat for body warmth, right?).

By the time I checked out at this place (and I was REALLY only in there for 5 minutes, tops). The snow was collecting in the street. My car tracks in their parking lot had disappeared. I headed up the street and made a left to get up the mountain. While taking that left, I SPUN almost a complete circle, and just drove up the hill as if I meant to do it.

Now, I'm getting a little uncomfortable as I climb the mountain, after having wet myself after that exciting bit of creative driving. Then I reach the point of no more forward driving. I'm not so thrilled with this either. I CAN SEE the street that I need to turn on to get into our little housing for goodness sake. So, I call my neighbors, yes the ones that I'm making the scrapbook for as a surprise for Christmas, and now you know why.

They drive down and pick me up, and Jim drives the car home for me, only he drove it back down the mountain, and around the other side, and then down to our housing area. As he made the corner, he saw a car slide into the ditch on the other side.

SO, to make a very long story short...

1. Warm weather before SNOW!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! Makes for warm ground.

2. Warm ground means snow melts before it collects.

3. Melted snow under collecting snow means ice.

Oh yeah. It's REALLY coming down, too... SNOW!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! (or at least make some coffee and snuggle in and watch the View. I can't believe that it's still morning!

On my to-do list today:
Finish scrapbook.
Wash laundry. Especially after my little adventure today.


Linda said...

Your title made me lol! I tend to blow off the weather forecasters too because they hardly ever get it right. Glad you made it home ok! You are lucky to have such great neighbors.

jill said...

Snow! Run for your lives!makes me laugh.

We're expecting snow this weekend. Probably more of a Snow! Take a stroll!

Sarah C. said...

Yikes! Glad you are ok. Sweet of your neighbor to help you out like that. We almost always have ice or ice w/ snow so I do my best to stay home. Nothing scarier that having your car slide.

jp said...

LOL! Our forecasters here are always so dramatic about snow! For Pete's sake, we live in the midwest, and snow is expected! :-) Glad you made it home ok. I, too, hate to drive on slick roads! Janet