Sunday, January 13, 2013

Not Quite Smurfs

  I'm getting more time ( well, I'm getting more organized) to start posting more pages.  I think that I can say that my style is definitely growing.  Although yesterday and parts of today I've been working on a one page layout.  I need to add the title, and I just can't think of a one.  So far it's one of my favorite pages so far.  Although each time I walk by I think, "hmmm lets add some butterflies, or stickers, or brads..."  I suppose that I should call it done and go to work on the other projects that I have waiting for me. 

I'm really enjoying the layered style like Shimelle. I've taken a couple classes from her and I would definitely say that I'm more confident about where my style is taking me.
  Anyway, here's another page that I've recently done.  I've titled it "Not Quite Smurfs".  Around Christmas my friend Mike and I went to a Christmas concert by Mark Schultz at church.  It was called "What do you give a king?", and it was just wonderful. I love Mark so much after seeing this concert, I'm definitely putting his stuff on my want list from iTunes.

 Bye the way, we aren't blue due to editing, there was a blue light lighting up the audience, and when we took pictures of ourselves, we discovered that we were Smurf blue.  

  Check back again in a couple more days, I'll definitely have more pages to put up!

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