Monday, January 28, 2013

It's becoming about the journaling for me.

   I made this page within the last couple months, and I wanted to share it because lately I've been focusing on the "WHY" of the photo.  Why do I choose to scrapbook the photos that I do.

  I know that when I pass on, my children will take the time to look at these, and I want them to know the things that I value.  I have no desire right now to re-do those early Creative Memories scrapbooks with the photos trimmed to within an inch of their lives, but I may someday. It's becoming more important to me to get that information down. 

  This layout is important to me.  Not only does it have beautiful (iPhone!) pictures, but it's also got a little snapshot of a day.  Right now I'm on a workers comp leave from my work, so my days are quite a bit slower paced.  But, I want those who see these pages when I am gone to know that I enjoyed walking barefoot through grass, and to understand that I took the time to breathe in and enjoy the moments that I had. 

  It wasn't just about the photo, that it was about the *memories* associated with the photo.

  So, all this introspection brings me around to another topic.  That of love.  Valentines day is coming up shortly, I have a few Valentines to make and send off to the people that I love in my life.  I'm also working on a few more cut files.   Soon I will post them.

  Take a breath today and find a moment of peace to enjoy your life.  It feels so good!

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