Sunday, November 25, 2007


I've done NOTHING today. Not exactly nothing, but close enough. I didn't sleep again last night, the man was in a mood, and he didn't sleep. He kept the light on next to his side of the bed until I asked him to turn it off. It was really terrible.

SO...I got up at 6 and then finished a book I'd started eons ago. Then I took a shower and found another tick on me! The first tick we found on Friday, it was just below my collar bone. This morning, I found one on my back in the shower. The one on Friday came off very easily. The one today...we had to do a little minor surgery. I'm a little gunshy about taking another shower.

Tomorrow I need to put the laundry away, go to the post office, and pull out the decorations for Christmas.

The neighbors all were putting out their decorations today, but the man is still in a mood, and I don't really feel like putting any effort into anything today.

I'm really tired of being told that I'm not engaging, not paying attention, not doing whatever. I'm sick of it all. I realize that I'm going to feel better tomorrow, but tonight, I have a date with a tablet of Simply Sleep and a nice glass of water.

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