Friday, November 30, 2007

One post a day

I have no idea why I thought that I could do that. One post a day. I must have been insane, because really, November is a busy month!


I did it. I completed the NaNoBloPo challenge. I can't tell you how long that it's been since I've done something that I couldn't complete in a couple days. It really feels good to have really "done it".


Maybe now I should try that "eat in front of the mirror while naked" diet!

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VanillaCarmel said...

hey katy!!!! got your comment on my blog...we definately need to get together soon, depending on the weather!!! We have nasty weather up here, already!!! It only takes me 45 minutes or so to get to Syracuse. I don't go down there much. wHAT store did you hear about???
I don't have my schedule yet for the next 2 weeks, but will let you know if a good day pops up....