Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday fun-ness!

On the list for the day...
New glasses. I have a pair with one foggy lens and it's driving me bonkers. My eyes have also changed quite a bit, and I just am having issues with this prescription.

I need to dig through my .gsd's and find one that says "alcatraz" for a layout. I know that I have one done by Judy Perry, so it's in there, but UGH, I hate digging through computer files.

I need to get Na from school at 12:50.

AND, I need to finalize my Thanksgiving menu. I can't wait! Some friends from Boston are coming for a few days and they are bringing their white german shepherds with them. It should be a ton of fun . I wish that the lefse griddle that I ordered would show up soon. I would love to make some lefse for the big day.

On two peas the question of the day was about what kind of food you'd bring if you were going to go somewhere. I'd probably bring buffalo chicken dip or an artichoke dip. I loves me some artichokes lately.

Life is changing here day by day. Some things for the better, some for the worse. In the end it just doesn't matter, though, it's all about the attitude you have as you go through life's trials.


toners said...

What an awesome post and a great outlook!!

Colleen said...

Sounds like you're busy these days, but you do have the right attitude!

Sarah C. said...

Katy, you are so right - all about the attitude. Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!!


Aimeslee said...

<3 <3 xoxo