Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tradition, TRADITION!

It's getting to that time of the year where we spend time focusing on the old, and hoping for the new.

The old: I'm putting up our tree the Monday after Thanksgiving. Perhaps even the Sunday following Thanksgiving. We're having guests this year, so I'll put it up after they leave.
More of the old: I made lefse. My mother made lefse. I would make carmel rolls too, but we just don't have room in our refrigerator!

The new: I hope that by the middle of next year, I'm settled and knowing what I want and am where I want to be in my life. I'm going through some issues with my relationship with my SO, and I don't want to jump into something that I regret. I guess that I would say that I'm a little gun shy for the whole commitment thing after my divorce.

Pray for me for those of you who pray! I know that in the end I will do what I need to do, it's just getting the courage to step out in faith towards the goal that I need to move towards.


Theresa said...

Not sure what you have going on but know you're an intelligent woman who will be able to make the right choice. I'm a list maker, write down pros and cons, helps me think clearer.

Sherri said...

great post...{hugs} to you for the choices you need to make, take your time.

Sarah C. said...

Katy, ((HUGS)) and prayers my friend. Some days our path is less clear than others. Take your time and let it come into focus.


Debbi said...

Big {{{HUGS}}} to you. Take your time and dont rush into anything your not ready to. Hope your SO will understand and be patient. Your in my prayers. You will do the right thing for you.

Linda said...

Best of luck to you no matter what you decide to do. Hugs and prayers to you.

toners said...

Awesome post! Sending you (((hugs))) and support for the road ahead :)