Thursday, November 15, 2007

Television addictions

I have a secret addiction to the television show Heroes. I truly loved it last year, but up until a week ago, I just wasn't loving it this year. Perhaps it took too long to get the show interesting this year, but I'm glad that I stuck with it. I think that the only thing that I'm not loving this year is the storyline with the girl who cries mascara. I don't find her character interesting. And the sexiness that is Mohinder Suresh cannot be denied!
I also have other addictions. Dexter, the worlds most moral serial killer. Weeds, about the mother who has a penchant for felony in order to support her family. Big Love, about the Henrickson clan and all of their issues...who cares if he's got three wives. All I can say is that I KNOW that women synch their cycles, and I'd really hate to be in his house for about a week out of every month. Even if one of his wives doesn't have the plumbing. The Tudors, is an excellent showcase for Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It does a pretty good job with the history of King Henry VIII.

It may sound like I spend hours attached to the television, but thanks to the modern marvel of the internet, cable and the dvr, I'm blessed to spend a minimum amount of time in front of my actual television. I really don't, and I can catch up on other shows easily by going to the website for the network and watching their internet broadcast. This way I can catch up with the Housewives, Private Practice, and Greys while I scrapbook!
In Scrappy things. I'm going to play with my new paper tagger. I'm really excited to do some fun things with it. I saw a Scrapbook LifeStyle video and now I am absolutely excited about this product. I initially thought that it was the most lame product thought up for scrapbooking, and now I can't wait to play. Click on the tool time video with Johanna Peterson. I promise you will run and not walk to your LSS.

I am going to go play. And catch up on Private Practice. Heh.


KarenSue said...

I'm addicted to Heroes also!
but it isn't Mohinder, he's as exciting as a paper bag...its that bad-boy with the British accent..ADAM!!

and I don't like electro girl very much either, she just plain irritates me.

Tina said...

Haven't gotten caught up in Heroes yet? Not to sure if I like Private Practice or not?

acomedianswife said...

Man, I have only caught a couple episodes of Big Love. I may have to go and rent it!