Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday fun

I've decided to tackle today and plow through my chores. So, why am I watching Heroes? I love me some heroes! But I'm watching Heroes because I'm FAHREEZING. The promised temperature drop hasn't happened yet, but it's supposed to, and then this afternoon we're supposed to get some of that dreaded snow. I'm in a little state of shock, it's not that I didn't know I was moving to a snow area in April, heck, I moved from Boston, so that's not the shock. It's that...well, it's cold, and this summer was gloriously hot. It really was just idyllic. I wish that I could explain to you how marvelous it was. Anyway, I'm taking the time to wrap myself in a blanket and warm up.

I'm working on the deck today. I have taken the tiki torches and tossed them, removed the zip ties from the posts that were holding them up - - I need to find a little more of a classy way of holding up the tiki torches over the winter! I've also pulled in the plant holders and during the day I'm going to take the chairs down into the basement. I have no desire to drag the table around though. I'll leave that to the man.

In other goals I really want to get the trash in the basement into the garage. Trash in basement? I've been going through boxes like crazy. There's a ton of things that I want to just shed myself of from my life with Gary. I'm so glad to be able to do this on my own schedule. I'm ready to do this now.

When I finish with that stuff I'm going to take my scrapbook paper out of the horizontal storage and put it into cropper hopper holders. I really dislike the way my cardstock is being stored, and just need to start tackling that and getting it into a use able setup.

I will post my recipe for cheesy garlic bread later today. It's so yummy.

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